Happy Days

Heereweg 153, Lisse



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Dure wiet en slechte hasj


Easy parking normally, for bike and car. As this is a residential area and one of the few stores in a wider area, please keep it quiet and do not hang around. Keep your ID ready. Get a ticket!! Staff is well trained, they handle orders quickly. Ask what the type of strains do, they will explain. Electronic digital scale integrated payment system. They do not like people loitering around, which I do to match menu with strain information websites. The assortment cycles based on availability. 2019-2020 there mostly are standard flower strains (Amnesia, Lemon Haze), most of the times 3-5 maximum. Price €8-16/g. Volume discount. Sometimes more exotic products available (i.e. Gelato, Pineapple). Hash assortment limited to 2-4 types, nothing special. The counter is a closed area, small opening for product and cash. PIN is possible, with anonimised name. The smoking area has been removed due to corona crisis and the advancements of regulations from 2020. Machine vending for paper, tips, etc.


The worst coffeshop where i was . Terrible stuff.


Slechte zaak een voorgedraaide ruikt naar haarlak en kruidnagel En het is echt fucking duur maarja als je de enige in de bollenstreek bent kan je het vragen. Ik ga zelf altijd naar leiden tegenwoordig daar is het en goedkoper en een groter assortiment en veel betere kwaliteit


Deze type coffeeshops moeten verboden worden. THC-loze wiet. Je wordt genaaid waar je bijstaat. Belachelijke sevice en prijzen.