The Freak Brothers (Koffie en Dromen)

Westeinde 86, Den Haag



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Not coffeeshopping in The Hague too often I was taken here by a local. Less famous than certain other shops in The Hague, and certainly less touristy. A good thing for daily smokers that just want good weed at a fair price. No overexpensive specialty strains, and the specialty strains they do have come at reasonable price. Got myself some Bubbles which Freak Brothers was prized for by my friend, and definitely it did not dissapoint. Quality buds like Bubble is known for, and a quality smoke. Some of the best bubbles I have come across in a while. Also got myself a gram of Hassan, the most pricey hash on the menu. It was blond, seemed dry and hard as a rock, not what I had expected in the first place. However, the smoke was extremely smooth and clean, felt the high within a few hits and using a small amount only, this did turn out to be a quality hash as well. Friendly service, parking space can be a little difficult tough and only minus I could find on this shop.